Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFP Foundation) recruits, unites, and educates individuals across the country who are working in their communities to advance a society of mutual benefit, in which people succeed by helping others improve their lives. AFP Foundation’s educational activities and events are designed to help Americans understand and uphold the ideals of hard work, personal responsibility, individual liberty, and respect for others’ property and personal choices.  

By partnering with AFP Foundation, you will be giving people the tools and knowledge they need to become more engaged in their communities and empowering Americans across the country to demand and deliver real, lasting solutions to the country’s biggest challenges.  

Give by Will or Trust

Gift by Will or Trust

A bequest is a gift provision in your will or revocable living trust. All assets, including cash, securities, real estate, and tangible personal property, may be transferred to Americans for Prosperity Foundation at the end of your life.
A Lasting Legacy

A Lasting Legacy

The AFP Foundation Legacy Society recognizes and honors those who have made the thoughtful decision to provide a lasting legacy of freedom by including AFP Foundation in their estate plans.

This information does not constitute legal or tax planning advice. Please consult with your legal or financial advisor.

Three important initiatives help advance these goals:

Bridge to Wellbeing is dedicated to creating a culture of freedom by building relationships in communities across our nation. Our skills-based courses teach people how to be self-sufficient and introduce individuals to the principles of a free and open society.

Grassroots Leadership Academy (GLA) is focused on educating and empowering individuals with the tools needed to advance a free and open society where coercion is limited and a bias towards liberty prevails. GLA provides the necessary skills for those looking to be effective activists, community mobilizers, and leaders in their community.

Issue Education

Issue education exists to promote knowledge and increase public support for the free and open society. Issue education initiatives help people understand facts about long-term policy issues such as wasteful spending, tax reform, educational freedom, and worker freedom.